Dr. Kirkland is an out of network provider and does not accept assignment or take co-pays for the cost of your visit. You insurance plan may pay some or none of the fee for your visit. We recommend you check with your insurance plan to see what out of
network benefits are available to you.

We will be glad to help file your insurance claims. This does not alter your responsibilty for the bill. We can also provide a reciept detailing your visit at the end of each session. This can be filed with your insurance provider if you choose.

 Your insurance plan is a contract between you and an insurance  company and does not directly involve the doctor providing your service. Disputes about your claim must be resolved between you and your carrier and do not effect your responsibility for the bill. 

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, checks and cash as payment.

Please call the office with any other questions.


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