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General questions or administrative issues that do not involve confidential patient care matters can be answered through email or by telephone.

Confidential patient information cannot be sent over general email since it is not secure and not  HIPAA compliant.

We use a secure and independent
Patient  Portal
for established patients that provides information about appointment times, lab results and prescriptions.

You can connect to the portal after the first visit or at any time after you are an established patient.
You can also send questions or concerns about your care or other matters through the portal and get your answer in a secure manner.  
We routinely send a follow up letter with recommendations and plans
from the latest office visit through the portal. 

For general questions that do not involve confidential patient care
you can contact us at



You can also call the office at (336) 774-1755 or fax at (336) 774-1140.


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